Khao Yai Attractions

Hew Suwat Waterfall

Hew Suwat Waterfall : Being well known by many people, Heaw Suwat Waterfall is situated at the end of Thanarat Road and three kilometers from Pha Kluy Mai Waterfall by walking. ...Read More

Kong Kaew Waterfall

Kong Kaew Waterfall : Kong Kaew Waterfall is a quite low waterfall, caused by Huy Lam Takong (Lam Takong Stream), ...Read More

Pha Kluoi Mai Waterfall

Pha Kluoi Mai Waterfall : The waterfall is a medium-size waterfall, also caused by Huy Lam Takong (Lam Takong Stream), ...Read More

Hew Narok Waterfall

Hew Narok Waterfall : Heaw Narok Waterfall, the biggest and highest waterfall in this area, is situated in the south part of Khao Yai National Park. ...Read More


Hew Sai Waterfall : Heaw Sai Waterfall is a waterfall about 700 meters south of Heaw Suwat Waterfall. ...Read More


Hew Pratune Waterfall : Heaw Pratoon Waterfall is a waterfall of Lam Takong Stream like, and two kilometers from Heaw Sai Waterfall. ...Read More


Nong Pak Chi : KM Marker 33-Nong Pak Chi, This nature trail starts from the km marker 33 and ends at Nong Pak Chi, ...Read More


Mo Sing To : Mo Sing To is a reservoir on the roadside where a number of wild animals come out to lap water in early morning and late at night. ...Read More